Land Reclamation is Our Specialty

Big Bird Land Clearing offers land clearing and excavating services. It offers services to many sites, from vacant lots, large undeveloped commercial and agricultural acreage.

Big Bird Land Clearing serves home builders and land developers, it also serves residential and agricultural property owners. We can help anyone who needs their land cleared.

Big Bird Land Clearing can prepare your acreage for agricultural use, sale or construction quickly and cleanly by combining together our chipping and clearing process. We can give your lot that extra curb appeal making it stand out from those from all around by removing those unwanted trees, leaving a mulch that can sod over and allow native grasses to grow through.

Big Bird Land Clearing process is also less harmful to the environment. Unlike the regular tractor or chipper like land clearing, our procedures cause little soil disturbance. The debris is reduced to such an amount that burning or hauling becomes an option not a necessity. Call Big Bird Land Clearing today for a free quote on your land clearing needs.

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